Super Geek League @ El Corazon 02.16.13

February 17, 2013

Going to a Super Geek League concert is truly an interactive experience.  Audience participation is mandatory.  Pillow fights are a must, beach balls are flying everywhere and there is more confetti involved than I ever thought I would see in my lifetime.  I've always been a punk rock kid at heart.  I guess that's why I like these guys so much because make no mistake about it, these guys are punk rock.  Unlike many other punk bands there is a universal appeal to SGL.  A little something for everyone with room for a little weird in their world.  The sh ow starts with one of  their singers "Muffpumper" screaming into the mic getting the crowd whipped into a voracious frenzy with arms, elbows and feet flying faster than the eye can see (thanks so much Mateo for holding back the crowd while I found my knocked off glasses by the way!)&n bsp; Backing up the band is an amazing funk-filled horn section that moves the crowd into a friendly bounce from the slam.  Singer Vy Agra then comes out with her beautiful, melodic voice and the vibe of the room changes even more.  The show was 100 times bigger than the relatively small E l Corazon and more fun than is probably legal in the US. 

-Mat Hayward

I guess it's just my week to be the target.  Earlier in the week Marilyn Manson had his way with me (Click here to see what happened) now Barry and the craziest emcee I've ever seen thought it would be funny to target the photogs with their briefcase full of a white powdery substance.  Yeah, it was funnier than Manson's bs but I'll still be sending you a bill to repair all my gear a**hole   ;) 


You never really know what you are going to see when backstage at a Super Geek League show.


Holy Sword Swallowing Batman!

Slow Bunny performed to start the night off in a very strange albeit entertaining way. 

Down North killed it! 

Down North drummer of steel didn't let a fallen drum slow down his intense solo even a little bit.  Never missed a beat!

Jonny Sonic got the crowd pumped before SGL...another true professional that didn't let adversity get in the way.  Found a bottle of water filled with tobacco spit in the middle of the set by mistake...still sang like nothing had happened...blech.  I was definitely impressed.

You can get a taste of what Super Geek League does in this video...