Super Geek League gets freaky @ El Corazon 07.10.15

July 13, 2015

Freaks, geeks, balloons and butt cheeks! Everything you could possible want to see and hear you will find at a Super Geek League show. On Frid ay July 10 the “Super Epic Action Adventure Circus Rock” group Super Geek League brought more clowns and confetti to a concert than I would imagine has been brought before by anyone, anywhere…ever.

I’ve posted galleries from Super Geek League shows in the Live Music Blog before. Many of you that went to Sasquatch! In 2014 should remember they had their own stage and performed more than 20 sets over the long weekend. I have more fun photographing SGL than any other band that I can think of and this has been the case since I was first introduced to them.
Super Geek League puts on a very interactive show. When you go you must be prepared to support smartian crowd surfers and either slam or be slammed in epic pillow fights. Super Geek League branded beach balls bounce everywhere all night. It is not uncommon to find Pword Kelly in the pi t crashing into fans while jamming on his bass. Band members sporting (real) raw fish ties and beating on drums roam the crowd. Hand balancers weave their way through the pit. Guitarist Knuckles sporting a brand new black eye courtesy of band mate Barry brings inhuman amounts of attitude to the stag e absolutely shredding along with the band leader and visionary “Commander Tomorrow.” The amazing singer Vy Agra flew in from Vegas to front the band with her powerful vocals and infectious smile putting every person in the room under her spell.  Sword-Swallowing singer Indiyana brought a new twist to the set fresh from the mental institutuion still wearing her straight-jacket and donning a new head tattoo (ouch!) she absolutely freaked the shit out of me with her intensity and I loved every second of it!

Super Geek League brought in 7th generation circus performer John Nock to amaze the crowd with a dangerous stunt that had his feet on the ceiling of the club. I’m told this new partnership will bring even bigger thrills to SGL moving forward. He brought the Aerosphere Balloon to Paradiso to blow the minds of those at the gorge a couple of weeks ago as seen here: Aerosphere FB I can’t wait to see what he brings next!

Once again I’ll say that you cannot describe a Super Geek League show with words. You absolutely have to experience them in person to understand.  They will not be put in a box generalizing who they are or what they do. They are rock. They are punk. They are funk. They are jazz. They are sexy. They are frightening. They are fun. They are weird. They are a circus. They are a band. They are a team. They are a family. They are unreal. They are my friends. They are: Super Geek League.

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Stay weird!

-Mat Hayward

THE END (I told you there were butt cheeks :)