SXSW 2018: This Band Wins the "Best Band Name" Award

By: Nik Rivers

March 14, 2018

South by Southwest (SXSW): A massive festival combining tech and music in Texas Hill Country, taking place in the capital of weird and epicenter of live music AKA Austin. While we can’t bring back all the breakfast tacos the city has to offer, we can bring back some awesome SXSW music coverage, so here goes:

Hans Gruber and The Die Hards: This band wins the “Best Band Name” award.

Okay, so there is no official award for “Best Band Name” at SXSW, but if there were, these guys would win in a landslide. Their live show was award worthy as well, which was an added bonus. 

To begin our story, let’s rewind to Christmas Eve 1988, when our hero John McClane is trapped at his wife’s company Christmas party.  And by trapped, we mean he is legit being held hostage by one of the great cinematic villains of our time, Hans Gruber, in Die Hard

In the end, John McClane saves his wife, the Christmas party, and the day. (Although Nakatomi Plaza was a little worse for the ware.)

Well, flash forward to SXSW 2018, when we were browsing through our media guide, and what to our wondering eyes should appear? 

Hans Gruber and The Die Hards



The undisputed best band name of SXSW 2018!!

Now, of course we needed to go see if the band could stand up to the amazing name they chose. The answer? A resounding yes.  

The band is made up of guitarist Hans Gruber (it’s his legal name) and TJ, his vocalist roommate who is a self-described punk, along with bassist Kurt and drummer Chris. The quartet ripped through a high-energy, in-your-face, yet fun-and-memorizing 40-minute+ set of 90-second-long vintage-sounding punk, with covers of “Ghostbusters” and “Jump in the Line”--which led to an impromptu conga line--thrown in the mix for good measure. 

Highlight of the set: “Fur Baby,” featuring the sing-a-long chorus, “Fur baby, Fur baby, she loves her dog more than me.”

John McClane may have saved Christmas in 1988, but on this night, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards won SXSW.