SXSW Day 4 Recap

March 16, 2013

After Spending an hour writing this post and our website crashing, I refuse to write it again. SXSW is a Marathon, ears, kidneys, feet, you name it. There's definitely a reason most US festivals top out at 3 days. But the music is still good, the beer is still flowing, the food is still (mostly free) and I am still Exhausted.

I will take the time to highlight one main thing from yesterday and that is the intimate Depeche Mode set that a few hundred of us were lucky to be treated to last night.  The already teeny 1200 cap Brazos hall was cut in half to be easily enjoyed buy those who won the ticket lottery (or know a guy who knows a guy) and it was pretty clear to everyone what we were getting was quite special.  Boasting one of the longest continued careers in Alternative music, the champions brought a set packed with new tunes being shared for the first time, classic hits (Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence), and of course a ton of energy from the seemingly ageless Dave Gahan.  Billy Corgan and Owen Wilson also seemed to share enthusiasm for the set as I spotted them rocking out in the crowd (didn't get a chance to ask BC about his furniture commercial unfortunately)

Another bananas moment of the day was seeing Third Eye Blind close down a street and fill up an entire parking complex with people belting out the words to Jumper while they played across the ave.  Off to more chaos, pray I survive the night plz.