Tanlines @ Neumos 06.28.12

June 28, 2012

Tanlines at Neumos was bound to be a success to begin with. Not in the huge sold out arena sense, but in the way that a quitely promoted, hip show should be.  And let me tell you, the boys kicked things off right with a blissed out mellow space jam before breaking into a post-topgun dance party. The small crowd look afraid to move at first in the daylight, perhaps afraid of the judgement that comes from hip kid dance moves, but really that just means they needed a couple more drinks in them.

Tanlines live is Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm no fill out band, no gimmicky distractions, just an honest stripped down duo. Jesse mans both the drums and keys simultaneously and is beyond charming when it comes to crowd banter. "Welcome to Tanlines happy hour... or Tanlines 45 minutes, it is what it is. We have an album out but we didn't bring any copies with us. So all you can leave with is your memories." and honestly? What better way to catch a show. F- cell phone cameras, F- those facebook posts from your friends when you get home, just catch it and do it. You were there, that's what live music is about. Dont brag to your friends about seeing Tanlines in front of 50 other people, get down with those kids and make that moment something special and real.

When it comes to their sound, the band are very much what their name suggests, tropical dance vibes that make you feel like it's summertime even though it is in fact summer time, but it's Seattle so it's raining and 65. And If the guys were in any way fazed by the early show or somewhat tepid crowd they certainly didn't show it as they gushed about Seattle and visibly enjoyed themselves up there. The crowd even kinda starts to get it too eventually and the Seattle two step starts to get a little more free form and the whole place starts to loosen up while the room itself gets in line with the tropical vibe by taking the temp up a few degrees. 

Bottom line, tonight doesn't do them justice. This is a sound meant for 2am in Brooklyn where people are wasted and going off  because it doesn't matter where they have to be tomorrow or where they're going later. Seriously, 45 minutes and two beers later it feels like a travesty that it's already ending. It feels like the night is just beginning even though it's ending and maybe (definitely) we should check back when they make it around to town again under better circumstances.