Temper Trap invades the Market!

June 19, 2012

Several hours before their sold out show at the Showbox Market, Temper Trap walked across the street and played a couple of acoustic songs from their new album for a crowd of people that had either figured out th e clues posted on Facebook and showed up specifically to see them or happened to be in the area and found a great surprise.  According to one Pike Place Security guard I had spoken to this was the first time a national act had performed a show at Pike Place.

It was a very "Seattle" set as the fish throwers were about 20 feet behind them and didn't miss a beat, singing their own songs and whipping their crowd into a frenzy whenever someone caught a fish.  Even Dougie had to laugh about it and took a moment i n the middle of the song to thank the crowd behind him. 

About halfway through the first song Seattle really gave a true welcome by starting to rain.  Unfortunately, the guys in Temper Trap were not as used to the sogginess as we are so they cut it short after just two songs and moved under the shelter of the market to greet their fans.  Regardless of the length of the set and the ambient noise around them it was a very cool experience. 

More photos can be seen on Facebook by clicking this link. 

I shot the first three songs of their sold out show at the Showbox Market.  As a photographer I got geeked out at the super cool, moody lighting setup they had all over the stage.  Right off the bat they came on with a surge of restrained intensity that had the crowd loving every minute of it.  This was the 3rd time I have seen Temper Trap perform (4th if you count the Pike Place Market) and every time I see them they get better and better.