Thee Satisfaction @ Neumos 03.29.12

March 29, 2012

Thee satisfaction are late to their own party. Taking the stage nearly 30 minutes later than billed, the wait is well worth it. And not without the creation of one of the best atmospheres I've ever felt at a Seattle show. Rather than projecting a backdrop, two projectors are stationed staggered at adjacent sides of neumos, projecting 60s psychedelia on what looks to be bed sheets. Giving the place the vibe of an Andy warhole loft party moreso than a standard Tuesday night set.

The ladies take the stage and cruise through their set. Barely taking seconds between tunes and letting the audience speak for themselves. The party vibe continues as smoke machines choke the room. The vibe here is dangerous in an exciting way. It smells like straight booze, no wait it smells like butterscotch, now it smells like uncooked macaroni. 

"QueenS" drops and the place goes off. Lights on the disco ball and the room moving like it was meant too. Less focused though, more organic.  A surprise guest appearance from Palaceer of Shabazz colors the evening and only furthers the nights lore. If only every show could come off like this. These are the shows people talk about years later "oh yeah I was at that set in 2012, when they were still playing clubs" it was electric. Something r e a l was going on. And we all knew it.