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Tom DeLonge Gets Spacey With Co-Authored UFO Series

By: Maura O'Malley

February 7, 2017

Blink-182’s former guitarist Tom DeLonge co-authored a UFO book—*insert alien emoji*—titled Sekret Machines: Gods, Man and War along with writer and researcher Peter Levenda. Spooky. With a publish date of March 7, the non-fiction book stems from interviews with military officials, intelligence officers, engineers, and scientists.

Sekret Machines follows a number of novels co-written by DeLonge, and while those haven’t been completely non-fiction, he wrote them using information obtained from NASA and the Department of Defense, according to an interview with Rolling Stone. On getting this kind of access to information, DeLonge says, "It's very hard to think, 'How did this guy in a band get access like that?' It sounds crazy. But it's because I can speak to a very specific audience. I earned their trust. I knew my material."

This is the first non-fiction work to be published by DeLonge, and it seeks to alter our views on UFO sightings, making us question our assumptions.

According to Facebook, there’ll be a Q&A and book signing in Encinitas, CA on February 25—time to get some answers because … the truth is out there.