Top Gun Day


Top 13 Tips For Celebrating Top Gun Day

It's the 30th anniversary of a life changing film

May 13, 2016

Just as the NFL celebrated a milestone with the 50th Super Bowl in February, 2016 marks an important bench mark set by the world’s seconds greatest film, Top Gun*.

It’s peak America: jets, explosions, volleyball, sex, wildcard thrill seekers, evil Russians, and of course, indoor cigar smoking. Wow, you had to be a real asshole to smoke a cigar in the tiny confines of a ship like that.

Here are some things to consider today as you celebrate International Top Gun Day.

  1. Kenny Loggins, all day.
  2. Drive your car upside down above other cars and give ‘em the bird through the sunroof.
  3. Rhyme as much stuff with speed as possible - hey man did you just pee? I pee’d with speed.
  4. Aviator sunglasses.
  5. Call yourself Maverick all day and call your cat Goose**.
  6. Head to Alki Beach because you’ve got a lot of volleyball to play.
  7. Grease your topless body so you glisten in the sun.
  8. Do that high-five thing where you keep walking and do a low-five after… cause you’re awesome.
  9. Go to a bar in your flight suit.
  10. Do NOT fly through someone else’s jet wash.
  11. Buzz everyone’s tower while making jet noises.
  12. Make jet noises.
  13. Write a check that your body can’t cash.

What am I missing? Comment below!

This should help get you pumped:

Happy Top Gun Day, for America.

*The Hunt For Red October is number one. Can you tell I was raised in a military household?
**my cat is colored like a goose so this works extra well for me.