Twas The Night After Deck: Florence and The Machine

December 8, 2011

Coming into tonights set I wasn't sure what t o expect. All I knew was that despite an incredible hometown reception to a full WaMu Theater, it was clear no one had any interest in leaving after The Head and the Heart, much like Mumford and Sons, we're seeing a new breed of top billing emerge. One that people haven't seen a thousand times, or even once yet. Florence arrives in a white gown flanked by an army of musicians dressed in black. A backdrop stained glass windows leads you even more so to feel as though you're in the church of Florence. Her presentation is an art in itself, we'll get to the voice later, but Florence's presence is captivating. She throws herself across the stage, flails and contorts, twists and turns, all with the utmost precision, confidence, purpose, and the voice, it never falters. The crowd itself is absolutely wrapped around her finger, all on their feet, belting The Dog Days Are Over, taking to the aisles to get their middle-aged-mom dance on (thought the crowd was full of all ages it seemed to be this group that were the most adamant about physically expressing their excitement). In all honesty, it was a lot like a Britney Spears concert. Everyone singing all the words to the singles, completely entranced by the tracks they didnt know, and always screaming and reaching out, hoping for a high five, or to grab her hand or be noticed. Concerts are quite an odd thing like that, the way the atmosphere creates this larger than life, deity sort of figure onstage, and the place goes bananas like a Pentecostal church, "Speak to me!! Reach out and touch me!! I love you!! You know me better than I know myself!!" and maybe tonight, in that room, it was true. Florence entranced, and brainwashed many a soul, I expect we'll be seeing her doing the same thing again soon all over the world in a much bigger room than this.