Twas The Night After Deck: The Head and The Heart

December 8, 2011

The Head and The Heart stroll onto the stage with the utmost confidence. Amazing for a band who just a year ago were playing no name bars in Ballard. That said, the songs while they remain the same, and by same I mean great as ever, this is a whole different band. Spending the last 6 months on the road with bands like Death Cab and Iron and Wine both state side and across the pond has sharpened them to a perfectly refined point. One that showcases their potential to be an organic band with a natural rise to selling out Paramount sized venues across the nation on their own. However the crowd, while obviously into it (they rose to their feet as the band took to the stage) are really making em work for it tonight, an all seated show makes it tough to gauge from the stage, I'm sure. Though with a hometown crowd, it's certainly not a show they need to worry about winning anyone over as they effortlessly cruise through tracks from their self titled debut to the polite masses and between songs are met with screams and cheers. Then on the dime when the troupe bust out Lost In My Mind the entire place hops to it's feet and claps and stumps their way through the track, so much so you'd think it was Mumford and Sons all over again. Even for Sounds Like Hallelujah everyone ooo's and ahhh's along, a testament that there's more to them than just a radio single. Album 2? We'll have to wait and see, whether they stay Seattle indie or tap into that Fleetwood Mac bubbling below the surface, it's with excitement that we look for new music.