V. Contreras Album Release Concert @ Triple Door 04.11.14

April 12, 2014

"He kept sending flowers trying to get in my head and I just wanted him to stop and get into my bed."  This is just one of many lyrics written by the exquisite V. Contreras and presented to fans at the Triple Door Theater with her rich and soulful voice.  The inaugural album of t his Seattle artist will be released to the public on 04.15.14 and should not be ignored. 

Quoted as being "The love child of Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra with a splash of The Ronettes" V. Contreras is not just another pretty face on a Seattle stage.  She has got some serious game.  She explained to the audience in advance that most of her songs are about love....the dark side of love.  Between songs she addressed a bachelorette party having a raucous good time in the back of the venue.  V. advised the Bride to be 'Sarah' to ignore her lyrics as "marriage is truly wonderful" she explained.  She then displayed a sly smirk and said this next song is called "Gasoline."  The timing was perfect.

Backed by the Andrew Joslyn Orchestra and the incredibly talented Jeff Fielder amongst others it seems that V. Contreras is doing things right and appears to be well on her way to keeping Seattle on the map as the city with the best music scene in the world. 

Below are some photos from the show.  Again, her album is to be released Tuesday 04.15.14.  More information can be found on her website:  HERE

Her Facebook page can be liked:  HERE

Below are some photos from the show, enjoy!

-Mat Hayward
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