Viceland visits the PNW with Action Bronson

'Actin Crazy' rapper gets a taste of the NW in Vice series

March 14, 2016

If you aren't already tuned in to the new Vice channel, Viceland, it's ok, it's still new. But now might be the best time to start watching some of the new things they are doing and you might as well start with the recent episode of 'F*CK, That's Delicious, hosted by rapper and former chef, Action Bronson

Bronson knows his way around the kitchen having hosted his own online cooking series, Action in the Kitchen, and he brough the Vice series to the Pacific Northwest to document some of the best spots to eat seafood in Seattle and beyond. A self-proclaimed shellfish-lover, here's a breakdown of Bronson's visit.

First, the show opens up to a kid no older than 14 rapping flawlessly to Ice Cube's 'It Was A Good Day' in the heart of Pike Place Market, where Bronson goes on to compliment the kid's dad for rad parenting before visiting the iconic fish-throwing lads in the corner at Pike Place Fish Co. There, he eats $800 salmon while concurrently making you wish you were eating $800 salmon. Oh yeah, he calls the Northwest an "Advancement in Humanity" while he's here.

Next, Bronson heads up to Bellingham with his homies to, what else, smoke weed. He hits up famous bong-making studio Mothership Glass where he turns a bong into a "ridiculous vessel" to cook a combination of leeks, beer, lemon and clams over a rotisserie flame. Everyone laughs when the temperature hits 420 degrees. Classic.

While in Bellingham, his friend notes a few things we all know about Bellingham. "There's no deoderant and a lot of beards." Yup.

The crew's last stop in Seattle is at Ezell's Famous Chicken where he disses Oprah and offends everyone in the building. You do NOT diss Oprah at Ezell's. He takes his sandwhich , puts cobbler on it, wows Lewis Rudd (the owner of Ezell's) and names a sandwich after himself. Classic.

His buddies hit up Westward up in Wallingford while the man himself gets outdoors to hang out with some sheep. You can watch the full episode below: