VINYL DIG: Villa America - 'Motorcade Highway' - BOSTING RECORDS

From the coveted Focus tapes

June 15, 2016

Every week, I dig through my record collection. Sometimes it's to discover long forgotten gems or B-sides. Other times it's to clean house and lighten the load. Here's what surfaced from the stack this week:

Record: Villa America - Motorcade Highway

Year: 1994

Track: Motorcade (Hail to the Thief)

Producer: Ewan Pearson


Why do I have this record?

At the peak of Seattle’s golden age of rave, there was a magical party called Focus. It was the first outdoor party at NAF studios in West Seattle. It boasted one of the biggest sound systems to date and a hard hitting DJ lineup. The party was recorded with plans to release the tapes, so everybody went off. The tapes were never officially released, but instead were circulated on the underground. I had most of them, but my copies were lost or stolen years ago. This was one of many sought after cuts from that party, and I've somehow ended up with two copies.  

How was this record originally received?

People were bouncing around the place on their heads when this one dropped.

Has it stood the test of time?

It's nostalgic, an exceptional example of sample driven 90’s production. Since the 90's sound is so popular at the moment, it might not sound dated in the right context. For those of us who wore out the Focus tapes in the summer of '94, it’s too nostalgic to hear more than once every few years. 

- Zach


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