VOODOOFEST2012 1/2 Price Tix Onsale Tomorrow

December 13, 2011

I've never been to Voodoo, but my boss has been a whole bunch and he f-ing swears by the thing (plus they booked Soundgarden this year and also bring a large am ount of money into a region that believe it or not, is still recovering from the effects of Katrina). Dates for the fest came out today and are Oct 16-18, which is well before the apocalypse, so if you're looking for items to add to the bucket list, may as well tack this onto the road trip. Tickets go onsale tomorrow and rock a sweet price tag of up to 50% off in some cases for the next ten days (happy holidays and yadda yadda) check out past lineups here as well as pics from this years edition over here and getcha tix right here