Vote in The End's Alternative Election!

September 29, 2016

Supported By Heritage Distilling Company:

No matter which side you’re on, it’s impossible to not be exposed to all of the campaign coverage leading up to November 8th, so The End is having some fun with our own Alternative Election!

Vote for which fake president should run our real world! 

Here’s how it works: Cast your vote in the weekly polls to choose which fictional president would be the best for our country. Pick your candidates each week, rally behind your candidates, share how you voted, and check back to see who moves on. Be sure to come back each week between October 3rd and October 30th to cast your votes for your candidates to move forward.

Now go out there and campaign! #AlternativeElection

Check out the Week #1 ballot below!

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Bracket #1

Bracket #2

Vote Now!

The End’s Alternative Election is in no way a substitute for voting in the real elections. Duh! So be sure to take full advantage of your right to vote in this year’s elections and have your voice heard. The End’s Alternative Election is supported by Heritage Distilling Company.