Walk The Moon @ Showbox Sodo 10.23.13

October 24, 2013

It was a dark and foggy night in the Sodo District yet up and down the streets enthusiastic fans of Walk the Moon could be seen from blocks away with their bright, colorful face paint.  As the night progressed they came in from the street and slowly filled the Showbox.  By the time the ban d hit the stage just after 10:00 the club was jam packed and the crowds excitement was obvious to anyone within a 300 yard radius of the venue due to the high pitch screaming! 

Smallpools started the night followed by an energetic performance by the always fun band The Mowgli' ;s.  Maybe it's because I grew up in the hippy capitol of the world also known as Eugene, OR and these guys remind me of my hometown but I feel that If you aren't smiling during a Mowgli's show there is something wrong with you.  Bare foot guitarist Michael Vincze came out just before the show burning sage to purify the stage.  I tried to get a little bit of the smoke to hit my camera during the moment...hey, it can't hurt right?  Their performance was lively, energetic and entertaining. 

2012 End Summer Camp veterans Walk The Moon came out on stage and I swear if there were windows in the Showbox they would have exploded into a million pieces.  The fans were just absolutely frenzied.  The band exploded into their performance.  The stage setup was pretty cool and their performance was pretty tight all around.  My favorite part of the 3 songs I got to see had to be the killer rock guitarist poses by Eli Maiman.  That guy can shred!  Well done Walk The Moon!

Mat Hayward
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The Mowgli's