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A sleep aid to take you to different worlds

February 11, 2020

If you would love to dream of chasing replicants or seeking new worlds and galaxies but can't seem to actually get to sleep... you probably should fire up one of these ambient playlists before you turn off the lights.

A decade ago, musician Cheesy Nirvosa started experimenting with ambient sounds.  It turned into a YouTube channel where you'll find video soundtracks which feature some classic sci-fi spaces... 

Such as Rich Decker's apartment from Blade Runner.

The Idling engines of the startship Enterprise.

Or, the Tardis used to transport the good doctor from the BBC TV series Dr. Who.

Check out all of Cheesy's offerings HERE.

If you should try to fall asleep with any of these playing, I'm really curious about how wild your dreams will be.  Let me know.