photo courtesy of Getty Images

Add a goat or llama to your next Zoom meeting

April 14, 2020

I'm sure a lot of us have endured some awkward Zoom meetings while we're working from home.  Here's a way to um.. enhance your next appearance in a square.

Invite a goat or a llama to fill up one of the squares in your meeting!  Sweet Farm in California is trying out a new project called Goat 2 Meeting, where for less than $100, you can include one of their farms animals in your next Zoom chat.  

You can pay anywhere between $65 and $250, depending on the animal.. goat, pig, sheep, cow, turkey, llama... and you'll get an animal cameo for about 10 minutes.

Goat 2 Meeting started in mid-March and already, their animals have been requested for more than 300 meetings.  Perfect for your next virtual happy hour, budget meeting... or music meeting ;)