Dr Dre

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Dr Dre says social media has "destroyed" artist mystique

May 26, 2020

Maybe Dr Dre is old school, but he's posing an interesting question.   During an interview with British GQ, Dr Dre and music mogal and Beats partner Jimmy Iovine got on the subject of social media.

“I probably would’ve hated social media when I was coming up,” Dre explained. “There’s a certain mystique that gets destroyed. I like the mystique. I like waiting. I don’t need anybody to know where I am every minute or what I’m doing. Or what I’m about to do… There’s a certain mystique that came along with music that was entertaining to wait to see what was about to happen.”

This has definitely had friends in my circles talking over the past couple of days.  I've had managers in Stabbing Westward who tried to impress the need for having some mystique. On the other hand, I have friends who really enjoy sharing everything with fans and feel they can still deliver a larger than life persona on stage.  There is something appealing about knowing that your favorite artists aren't that different then you or I.  

I don't think there's a right or wrong answer here.  Social media is definitely a powerful marketing tool in 2020 and all things evolve.

Check out the Dr Dre interview for yourself and see if you agree with him.