guitar hero

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Guitar Hero puts the rest of us to shame

April 29, 2020

There are lots of productive things you can do while spending so much time at home.  You can learn to cook, plant a garden, Re-upolster the couch.

Obviously, GHAddict has been crushing the plastic buttons on Guitar Hero.  I admit, I love me some Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but I can't even get through the Dragonforce epic "Through The Fire and Flames" on Hard (and barely on Medium).  This guy not only crushes it on Expert... he also sped it up to 165%!!  

He actually seems bored when he starts.  Notice how he is somehow even able to read the comments on his Twitch stream and answer them!  It's crazy good.

If you didn't zoom in on his stats...  he got 100% accuracy!!  It's a Guitar Hero World Record!!

I give up!