Record Store Day Drop One is Saturday!

August 27, 2020

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Usually, Record Store Day (my favorite holiday) is in April and then again for Black Friday.  But this is 2020...  The Indy 500 is in August and the Kentucky Derby is in September, so it makes perfect sense for Record Store Day to be on August 29th!

The first RSD Drop is coming up soon, August 29th to be precise. It will, of necessity, be different. Hopefully it will work out well for all involved. As with a typical RSD a line will form prior to opening, please respect "social distancing" requirements & wear your mask. The RSD titles will not be available for browsing upon opening. Instead, we will be handing out lists of all of the RSD drops for 8/29. The lists will be handed out no later than 8am & continue until the demand for or the availability of product has dwindled. You will be asked to select up to 15 "top priority" titles plus 5 "alternatives." There is no need to rank your "top priorities," they are all #1! "Alternatives" will be selected only if your "top priorities" become unavailable, so rank them #2 through #6. Upon completion of the form (let's try & get this done in 10 minutes) we will gather the forms & fulfill them as completely as possible based on position in line. Once your "order" is filled we will contact you outside the store & invite you in to pay. The store is going to open for "regular" hours at 11am. It is our hope to have processed the majority of the lists by that time. If not, we will ask all RSD shoppers to remain outside while their orders are filled to avoid over-taxing our occupancy limits. Come prepared with your wish list & a pen! #recordstoreday

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This will actually be the first of 3 monthly Record Store Day drops, each being a smaller scale to help with crowds of people.  It's just not wise to cram music lovers into tiny independent record stores during a pandemic.  I get it.

The organizers do too.  They will be relaxing some of the restrictions of online orders.  We're blessed in Seattle to have a bunch of really great indie record stores who will be offering not only online sales but also curbside pickup and even local delivery. Check here to find the store close to you and what each is offering HERE.

Record Store Day 2020 is this Saturday!⁠ We will be doing everything to make this a safe shopping experience for everyone! To see our full list of rules & precautions that will be in effect (and see the full list of RSD drops --) please visit the LINK IN BIO

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There are plenty of special releases planned for each drop.  Check out each month's offerings here.

Not sure ordering online has the same excitement as fighting someone about to riffle through the vinyl to get the one copy of Billie Eilish Live at Third Man Records, but it's 2020... what are you gonna do.


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