Walt Belvedere

Perfect song for the perfect drink

November 26, 2019


As you prepare for your long holiday weekend, gathering with family and friends, take you celebration up a notch!  Mix up some drinks with Belvedere Vodka!

Thumbing through the 2019 Belvedere Cocktail catalog, you can find the perfect drink for every gathering, occasion… or even song! 

For example, I think sipping a Belvedere Bees Knees while Shaed’s “Trampoline” is playing is a perfect match!  Chelsea Lee’s voice perfectly compliments the honey syrup in the Bees Knees.

Check out all of the fantastic cocktail ideas in the 2019 Belvedere Cocktail Catalog and I’ll dig up some more musical pairings!

Have a great Thanksgiving and always remember to enjoy Belvedere responsibly.



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