Olympic Mountains

Walt's Top 10 List of PNW Adventures

May 28, 2020

Ahhh. Moving into summer in the Pacific Northwest! I've been really looking forward to this season since moving here last August. There's so many little things to get squared away when you first move to a new city or region, I didn't really have the opportunity to go exploring last year.

Now I'm all settled in, ready to grab my mask and go exploring! Coming from Chicago, which is so unbelievably flat, I'm in awe of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I see it everyday when I grab a peek of the Olympic Mountains as I pull out of my alley, it never gets old.


I've made a Top 10 list of adventures I would like to tackle this summer!

1.  San Juan Island

2.  Orcas island

3.  Whale Watching

4.  Mt. Rainier

5.  Hike Olympic National Park

6.  Beach day at Alki

7.  Lava River Cave

8.  Mt. Si

9.  The Gorge (sigh)

10. Rent a hot tub boat (a different kind of adventure)

I'm sure there are so many other things I would love to check out that I'm unaware of, I'll add those to next year's list.

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