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Wanna "live on from beyond the groove"?

November 20, 2019

I've been debating this for years... do I want to be buried or cremated?  Well, I stalled long enough and now there's another option.  If you have enough money, a company in England called AndVinyly will press your ashes into a working vinyl record.  

The company didn't intend for this to become a business but it seems to be catching on.  The company takes a light hearted approach to death with their slogon "Live on from beyond the groove."

Apparently, the ashes can be heard as the needle races along the grooves but I guess that's part of the experience.  You can choose a 7 or 12 inch disc and have standard hits, specially composed songs, spoken word or even just silence so you can really hear the ashes in the grooves.

Prices range from just over $1000 up to $4600, depending on how fancy you want to get and artwork, etc.

Interested?  Here's where you can find more info.