Like A Warm Slug On Your Face, This Is The GROSSEST Concert Moment

February 13, 2013

The photo almost tells the whole story in one shot. Marilyn Manson fans squeezed into the Showbox SODO like a middle aged dude squeezing 30 years of over indulgence into tight leather pants. Manson took the stage, immediatly looked out of breath and in turn cleared the lingering remnants of his rece nt flu from his nose... onto the face of our photographer, Mat Hayward. Hear his disgusting account of what happened here:

Vile. What a dick.

Hayward indeed showed restraint after battling the nose slug slidding down his face. Has Manson, long known for his shocking stage presence, crossed the line here? We know the singer used to break beer bottles and use the razor sharpe shards to cut his own chest all while inviting the audience to spit on his semi-naked body.

Now, years since his wild years were exchanged for a successful career, the rocker just seemed... tired. "That man is old and nasty." says friend of The End, Laura. His voice couldn't deliver. Is it smart or lazy for a man that relies on shouting obscene lyrics to pipe in backing screams? Surely, it saves his voice for another night's underwhelming show... 

This performance fell far short of the mark he set in the 90's during his famed and often protested Antichrist Superstar days. The feeling speaking to patrons following the show reflected an underwhelming musical performance mixed with the exitement of seeing a giant train wreck; one where the trains are songs and victims are still people.

Manson's fans stood by his performance, but it would be hard not to after spending that much money for a Tuesday night in the city. Surely, Manson's happy to have made so much money on merch! Let's see a smile, buddy.

Nailed it.