WATCH: The Strumbellas Talk Canadian TV & Play Hockey Player or Cheese

By: Kyle McCann

March 7, 2017

There are just so many things to enjoy about our neighbors to the north. Think about it, Canada has given us hockey, countless professional wrestlers, maple syrup, Labatt's beer, poutine, Justin Trudeau... and The Strumbellas!   

But what's something about Canada that we may not know? Well, for one thing, a popular U.S. television show may have been a take off from a Canadian show. Here's what else we found out when we asked the band about Canadian television.

We've been having a lot of fun lately with the six-person folksy, country, blue-grassy band from Canada. Each member of the band is super relatable and has a great sense of humor -- a trait of many a fine Canadian, too! And since they are so much fun, we decided to play a little game of Hockey Player or Cheese with them. We give them a name, they tell us if it's a hockey player or a type of cheese. See how well the band knows their national sport.

In fairness, Brière and Gruyère do sound very similar.... 

Meanwhile, The Strumbellas just released another single off their acclaimed 2016 album, Hope, called "Young and Wild." They gave us a few interesting anecdotes about the track in this exclusive interview. "Young and Wild" is a bit of a newer sound for the band, but we're into it for sure!