The XX @ Dukes 07.25.12

July 25, 2012

The XX End Session at Dukes was one of the more curious I've seen. Refusing to perform acoustic the band loads in their entire instrumental set up, which is a special treat as frequenters of ES know. Cloaked by black curtains around them, some candles and dressed like the night  (all of the m in all black on a Sunny Summer day, the trio launch into their short and intimate set to the enthusiasm of winners and the surprise of restaurant patrons. Jamie XX is in full MPC effect pounding out those signature sultry beats with fast fingers and effortless precision. Listeners and patrons alike are dazzled and rightfully so, even some of the waiting staff gets distracted and stands for a minute or two, food in hand. It's not every day your eating a bowl of chowder and one of the most buzzed indie acts out are the house band. In fact, it nearly felt like a movie, some scene where John Cusack and Julia Roberts are seeing each other for the first time in years, in the background a a band plays a familiar tune (but only in film is that band ever anything you care about) For a group that sold out the showbox in 6 minutes and have a likely to sell out Paramount show on the way, they seem genuinely flattered by the rooms entrancement and overwhelming enthusiasts response. One has to wonder if passers by have any clue this isn't just a cd. The track, Angels off the forthcoming "Coexist" is a particular stand out as Jamie abandons the midi for a live snare. Sun beaming through the window as Romy sings "being as in love with you as I am" and for a moment the perfect place to be on this sunny summer day, was right here.