At 51 Lance Mountain Might Be Doing His Best Skating Ever

Lance shows off his new moves in a new skate video

February 4, 2016

Lance mountain was always a pro skater I admired. More for his silly antics than his astounding ability to push the limits of what was possible. He was pretty much the comic relief of the skate world. However, he consistently placed top ten in contests so he’s no slouch either. 

He wasn’t known for being super techie, especially hanging around people like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. But after watching this video my ideas about that have changed. The technical wizardry he pulls of in the pool shots is astounding, and requires technical mastery of the medium. He makes it look effortless, something that can’t be said for most aging skaters no matter how hard they’re ripping. Oh, and there's that kickflip over that picnic table.


To put it futher in context, here's the NSA rankings for vert and street from 1988 when The Gotcha Grind came through town. Were you there? That must have been at the peak of popularity for vert skating. He's ranked 6th for vert, 9th for street. 28 years ago... 

It took me a while to dig this out of an old box of memorabilia today. It’s incredible the crap I still have from my Skate Rat days. Zach