Black Friday Chanterelle Hunt

December 3, 2015


I had no plans to #optoutside on Black Friday. It was purely coincidence. I went up to Whidbey to visit my folks for Thanksgiving, and there are acres of logging trails across the street where the dogs love to run. We went deeper into the woods than usual, and came across some mushrooms that resembled chanterelles. The were so big and lush, it seemed too good to be true, so I took one as a sample and passed them up. 

After confirmation from an expert forager (my mom), I hoped I could return the next day and they’d still be there. They were, and more in places I hadn’t been the day before. The weather conditions must have been perfect to push their growth over the top, because I’ve never seen anything like them. And the timing was perfect, if I’d discovered them a day later they would have suffered freezing temperatures and turned to mush. What a pleasant surprise for the weekend! So it’s chanterelle everything at my place for the next week. Zach

dogs on the hunt

These guys love tearing through the woods.


frosty leaves

Luckily the mushrooms escaped the frost. The next night it dropped to 30F, they'd have been done for.


root ball

Check out this massive root ball from a tree that was taken out durning the wind storm last week.


cut veggiesopen sandwichgrilled sandwich

One of many chanterelle happenings at my place this week. Bon appetite! Zach