Coachella 2016 Electronic acts I'm stoked on

January 4, 2016

Perhaps by now you’ve seen the Coachella 2016 Lineup. Something that Coachella has arguably done better than any other festival, is deliver a solid line up of Electronic music. They don’t just throw a few DJ’s on the bill to attract the attention of the Dance crowd, they go big. They’re also well aware of who’s emerging from the underground, and they snatch them up. The result is a delivery of jams and live sets that set the bar going into the Summer. Winter Music Conference sets the expectation early each year, then Coachella drives it home. Here’s a Subtronic-centric perspective of this year’s highlights, at least a few of them. 


Bob Moses

Bob Moses ‘Days Gone By’ was one of my favorite albums of 2015. I can’t say I have a favorite track, and the sequencing suggests that you should play it through from the start. 


Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris needs no introduction. Although his new album screams too commercial for my personal taste, I’ve been playing the hell out of this catchy little diddy. 



Claptone is my hero as of late. His album is grooving in every way the EDM world has been thirsting for. Melodic, with actual musical direction. And he really caters to the DJ’s with lengthy intros and codas to mix through. He performs with a mask, and his Identity to this day is a secret. I heard an interview he did where he was asked about his favorite clubbing experience, and he mentioned a club in NY that was going off in the ’70’s. So he’s not a young guy which is inspiring. My guess is he’s a heavy weight, life long producer in the industry. Butch Vig? Rick Rubin perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine. Here’s a good intro to his album for the Alt heads. 



Underworld rose to fame with their contribution to the Train Spotting soundtrack. At that point they were going in a solid direction of progressive, Electronica. It was years after I got into them that I picked up their first album ‘Underneath the Radar’. A Synth Pop Rock success that put them on the map in ’88. Not my style at the time, but I play it quite a bit these days. Here they are live at the infamous Love Parade in Germany.



The secret identity of a talented musician and producer, Zhu charged the scene in 2014 with his hit ‘Faded’. Beautiful composition and clean production, he was one of the leaders in taking the popular sound in a direction away from what we referred to as ‘Festival Music’, or now simply EDM. 


Who are you most stoked to see at Coachella? Zach