Subronic End Playlist 2/20/16

February 21, 2016

No guest in the studio this week. I’ve been getting my hands on so much grooving underground house and techno the past several months and wanted to catch up with playing some of that. 

Have you heard Riton and Kah-Lo’s ‘Rinse And Repeat’? This banger is taking the planet by storm! It’s a sound that will carry into Spring and carry on through Summer. I’m also stoked about Tiga’s latest, ‘Planet E.’ The inspiration for the vocal hook comes from a record I nearly forgot I had circa 1990, Ramjac “Massive.” It was fun digging that out for a listen. I also played some Rufus Du Sol who just released an album on Odesza's Family Collective label, watch them blow up this year. Listen for remixes of all this next week.

New music from Matthew Koma, DJ Snake, and Bob Moses inspired the next set. I’m also loving Odd Mob and Big Grams. 

Set three was just me having fun, throwing down as many records as I could before the commercial break. It got pretty funky,and nostalgic with the likes of Notorious BIG.

The next set showcases some great techno I’ve been hearing. Kolsch’s remix of ‘Wide Open,’ Loco Dice on ‘Magnets,’ and Deetron’s remix of Tiga. That Loco Dice remix is absolutely loco.

The final set is a showcase of some great tracks I have been fortunate to get my hands on over the past several months. You have already heard me play Christie Love’s ‘Internal Waves’ quite a bit (pure acid house bliss), and obviously I’m feeling what Ursula 1000 is laying down. Oxen Butcher is also a name to keep an eye on, the new EP is gorgeous. It’s also great to hear Seattle’s own Pezzner on the remix of Onionz ‘Space Slave,’ some West Coast heritage there. 

See you next week. 




Video of Riton - Rinse And Repeat feat. Kah-lo (Original Mix)

Riton ft Kah-lo ‘Rinse and Repeat’ - WHITE LABEL

Miike Snow - ‘Genghis Khan’ (CID Remix) - ATLANTIC RECORDS

Tiga - ‘Planet E’ - COUNTER RECORDS

Rufus Du Sol - ‘You Were Right’ (Nora En Pure Remix) - SWEAT IT OUT

Yates - ‘My Virtue’ (Monkey Safari Remix) - SWEAT IT OUT

The Chemical Brothers ft Beck - ‘Wide Open’ - VIRGIN / EMI



Video of Keeping Me Alive

Flux Pavillion & Matthew Koma - ‘Emotional’ - CIRCUS RECORDS

DJ Snake - ‘Propaganda’ - INTERSCOPE

Odd Mob - ‘Ruins’ - TINTED RECORDS

Odd Mob - ‘This Game’ - TINTED RECORDS

Golden Features ft K.Flay - ‘Telescope’ - WARNER BROTHERS

Big Grams - ‘Lights On’ - EPIC RECORDS

Bob Moses - ‘Keeping Me Alive’ - DOMINO



Video of twenty one pilots: Fairly Local [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Kygo - ‘Stole The Show’ - SONY

Odesza - ‘All We Need’ - COUNTER RECORDS

Calvin Harris - ‘Slow Acid’ - COLUMBIA / SONY

DJ Katch ft Greg Nice & DJ Kool - ’The Horns’ - WE PLAY

Notorious BIG - ‘Hypnotize’ (Altered Tapes Edit) - SELF RELEASED

Mister T - ‘This Is Not A House Track’ - COLD BUSTED

All Good Funk Alliance - ‘Funk This Jam’ - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

Fort Knox Five - ‘Pressurize The Cabin’ - FORT KNOX RECORDS

Rory Hoy - ‘Hey Everybody’ (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

Odesza - ‘Say My Name’ (Kastle Remix) - COUNTER RECORDS

Twenty One Pilots - ‘Fairly Local’ - FUELED BY RAMEN

Kygo - ‘Firestone’ - RCA



Video of The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open (feat. Beck)

The Chemical Brothers ft Beck - ‘Wide Open’ (Kolsch Remix) - ASTRALWERKS

Tiga - ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ (Deetron Remix) - COUNTER RECORDS

Disclosure ft Lorde - ‘Magnets’ (Loco Dice Remix) - PMR / ISLAND

TC - ‘Get Down Low’ (Shock One Remix) 

Defkline - ‘Bass Shaker’

Stanton Warriors - ‘Loving Me Wrong’

Pirate Jams - ‘Turn Around’

Tourist - ‘Holding On’ (Kitchi Remix) - POLYDOR

Dirtcaps & Tom Piper - ‘Rudeboi’ - MINISTRY OF SOUND AUSTRALIA



Video of DJ Onionz - Spaceslave (Pezzner Remix 1)

NRVS LVRS - ‘City Lights’ (Sleight of Hand Remix) - GREEN GORILLA LOUNGE

Ursula 1000 - ‘Blast Off’ (Endless Summer Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC

DJ Jarvis - ‘Juno’ (Layne Fox On Jupiter Mix) - CYLON DUB RECEPTOR

Ursula 1000 - ‘Blast Off’ (Vanilla Ace Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC

Christy Love - ‘Internal Waves’ - GET UP RECORDINGS


Onionz - ‘Space Slave’ (Pezzner Remix 1) - UNITING SOULS MUSIC

Oxen Butcher - ‘Leave It All’ - MUSCOX RECORDS

Ursula 1000 - ’Tropical Intention’ (Pontchartrain Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC

Sons Of The Pitch - ‘Rola Pedra’ (Downtown Mix) - PATSADA RECORDS

DJ Enne - ‘Stand Up’ - KARMALOFT MUSIC