SUBTRONIC DISCOVERY: Jamaica Suk, Reinier Zonneveld, Third Son

Hallelujah it's raining Techno

May 6, 2016

Most DJ’s want to keep their favorite tracks secret so nobody else plays them. I think that's ridiculous. Check back weekly to hear three of my favorite new tracks you might find in the mix on Subtronic End, Saturday nights 10p - 1a.

1. Jamiaca Suk - ‘Dazed’ - FIIF

Talk about a cracking snare! Suk has a new EP coming out exclusively on vinyl, but you'll hear it on Subtronic End Saturday night.

2. Third Son - ‘Kepler Reprise’ - STIL VOR TALENT

Is that a synth or guitar feedback? Haunting.


3. Reinier Zonneveld - ‘Rushchamber’ - STIL VOR TALENT

This track is a behemoth in the mix. I’m talking about locomotive momentum. 

Listen to Subtronic End Saturday nights from 10pm - 1am