SUBTRONIC DISCOVERY: Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul McCartney, 40 Thieves

May 13, 2016

Most DJ’s want to keep their favorite tracks secret so nobody else plays them. I think that's ridiculous. Check back weekly to hear three of my favorite new tracks you might find in the mix on Subtronic End, Saturday nights 10p - 1a.

1. Jean-Michel Jarre & Peaches - 'What You Want' - SONY MUSIC

An Electronica legend gets down and dirty with one of today's most outrageous women in show business. 


2. Paul McCartney & Wings vs Timo Maas & James Teej - '1985' - WHITE LABEL

Sir Paul coming with some Lo-fi four-on-the-floor.


3. 40 Thieves - 'Take Me I'm Yours' - ROAM RECORDINGS

A cover of one of my favorite songs originally written and recorded by Squeeze in 1978.

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