SUBTRONIC DISCOVERY: Symbion Project, Dankey, Boogie Belgique

Something for every mood

October 14, 2016

Most DJs want to keep their favorite tracks secret so nobody else plays them. I think that's ridiculous. Check back weekly to hear three of my favorite new tracks you might find in the mix on Subtronic End, Saturday nights 10p - 1a.


1. Symbion Project - The Charmed 

Kasson Crooker's latest musical offering with fellow Seattleite Jenni Potts on vocals. One of many tracks on his new album Arcadian that I can’t stop listening to. 


2. Dankey - Afterparty - WHITE LABEL

After party. Or peak time. You’re choice. 


3. Boogie Belgique - Jungle Law - COLD BUSTED

Get silly to this party stomper. 

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Zach is the host of Subtronic End and hosts afternoons on 107.7 The End. You can follow The End on Twitter at @1077theend and Zach at @ZachVanLue.

Mat Hayward Photography