SUBTRONIC DISCOVERY: Third Son, Bob Moses and Lurob

Zach's weekly Electronic New Music Discovery

April 28, 2016

Most DJ’s want to keep their favorite tracks secret so nobody else plays them. I think that’s ridiculous. As a musicologist and musician, it’s more important for me to share my favorite music. The more it’s shared, the more it’s played, the more it’s heard, the more it makes people happy. Happy people make a happy planet. Check back weekly to hear three of my favorite new tracks you might find in the mix on Subtronic End, Saturday nights 10p - 1a. 

- Zach

1. Third Son - ‘Alaska’ - STILL VOR TALENT

You know when you see your producer friends agonizing over a single kick or snare drum sound for days, maybe even weeks? This is why. The snare on this track is phenomenal. Not just the timbre, but the groove it lays in its wake as it skips along. With a snare like that you can do no wrong. Although surrounded by gorgeous production, for me this track is all about the snare. 

2. Lurob - ‘35th Richmond Outer’ - PATSADA RECORDS

This is the second track on this Soundcloud sampler. I can’t remember that last time I heard anything like this. The through-composed nature of the production is really compelling. It grooves in a way that would suit almost any set, opening or prime time. It is one of my current favorites on the underground. 

3. Bob Moses - ‘Tearing Me Up’ (RAC Mix) - DOMINO

One of my favorite tracks from the Days Gone By album, and RAC comes with a refreshing take on the original. That grumpy bass stomping along brings some grit, and compliments the vocal in a way I wouldn’t expect to work if I didn’t hear it. Nice arrangement too. 

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