SUBTRONIC DISCOVERY: Underworld, Ramon Tapia, Local Group

A variety of tracks with serious momentum

June 3, 2016

Most DJs want to keep their favorite tracks secret so nobody else plays them. I think that's ridiculous. Check back weekly to hear three of my favorite new tracks you might find in the mix on Subtronic End, Saturday nights 10p - 1a.

No real theme to this week's picks. Except that all these tracks carry the kind of momentum that will take a party, or a mix set to another level.


1. Underworld - ‘If Rah’ - CAROLINE INTERNATIONAL

This isn’t brand new, it’s been out for a few months but it’s growing on me. The phrasing is in 5 for the bulk of the song, every DJ’s worst nightmare. I love that.


2. Ramon Tapia - ‘Revolution’ - SAY WHAT? RECORDINGS

Just listen to the way the bass drum carries this thing along, trudging through the murk with a dark vocal. Techno heater.


3. Local Group - ‘Discredit to the Edit’ - GET UP RECORDINGS

Capturing a ’90’s Break Beat sound, this is huge.

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