SUBTRONIC END: March 12, 2016

March 15, 2016

Zach Van Lue, 10p - 1a

We are finally approaching Winter Music Conference, arguably the most important time of the year for electronic music. It happens every March in Miami and more importantly, it's when a slough of jams are unveiled including tons of heaters that will carry us through Spring and deep into Summer. false

I've been very fortunate to have a handful sent my way before they're premiered next weekend in a multitude of Florida venues and stages. But guess what... They're promos that are for 'club use only' until further notice. That's a bummer dude. Do you think I still listened? Yeah! Of course I did, damn it. It's 2016 and technology like water marking and tracking makes it next to impossible for me to play them out early. It's not like the good ol' days when radio DJ's could get way with playing unauthorized pre-released music for days before anybody heard it. Now they have robots to 'listen' for that. And they're not even paid. Come to think of it, when are the robots going to get organized and march for their right to a livable wage? The robot rent doesn't wait, but I digress... 

On the bright side, I've been getting more music than I know what to do with, a lot more than I can play out in the course of a three hour Saturday night. So I got that going for me, which is nice. Here's what I got.


Check out last week's playlist

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  • NRVS LVRS - ‘City Lights’ (Sleight of Hand Remix) - GREEN GORILLA LOUNGE
  • Ursula 1000 - ‘Blast Off’ (Endless Summer Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC
  • DJ Jarvis - ‘Juno’ (Layne Fox On Jupiter Mix) - CYLON DUB RECEPTOR
  • Ursula 1000 - ‘Blast Off’ (Vanilla Ace Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC
  • Christy Love - ‘Internal Waves’ - GET UP RECORDINGS
  • Hamza - ‘Thar’ - WIND HORSE RECORDS


  • The Chemical Brothers ft Qtip - ‘Go’ - ASTRALWERKS
  • Escort - ‘Barbarians’ (Tiger Woods Remix) - ESCORT RECORDS
  • New Order - ‘Tutti Frutti’ (Hot Chip Remix) - MUTE
  • Alex Metric - ‘Drum Machine’ - ATLANTIC
  • Tame Impala - ‘Let It Happen’ (Soulwax Remix) - INTERSCOPE

  • Claude VonStroke - ‘Make A Cake’ - DIRTYBIRD
  • Jesus Rothschild - ‘Moving On’ - WHITE LABEL


  • Riton ft Kah-lo ‘Rinse and Repeat’ - WHITE LABEL

  • Miike Snow - ‘Genghis Khan’ (CID Remix) - ATLANTIC RECORDS
  • Tiga - ‘Planet E’ - COUNTER RECORDS
  • Rufus Du Sol - ‘You Were Right’ (Nora En Pure Remix) - SWEAT IT OUT
  • Yates - ‘My Virtue’ (Monkey Safari Remix) - SWEAT IT OUT
  • The Chemical Brothers ft Beck - ‘Wide Open’ - VIRGIN / EMI
  • Yotto - ‘Personal Space’ - ANJUNADEEP


  • Oxen Butcher - ‘Leave It All’ - MUSCOX RECORDS
  • Oxen Butcher - ‘Inhale Exhale’ - MUSCOX RECORDS
  • Ursula 1000 - ’Tropical Intention’ (P.A. Sound Remix) - INSECT QUEEN MUSIC
  • Cameron TraxXx - ‘Let Me Tell You’ - THE UMBRELLA
  • Shibumi & Telana - ‘Gemini Love’ - HEAT RECORDINGS
  • Jesus Rothschild - ‘Placement’ - WHITE LABEL


  • Roseau - ‘New Glass’ - BIG DADA
  • The Prodigy - ‘Invisible Sun’ - THREE SIX ZERO / WARNER BROS
  • Lizzo - ‘BGSW’ - BGSW
  • Dr Meaker - ‘Good Fight’ (Truth Remix) - CIRCUS RECORDS
  • Odd Mob - ‘Ruins’ - TINTED RECORDS
  • Odd Mob - ‘The Game’ - TINTED RECORDS
  • Golden Features ft K.Flay - ‘Telescope’ - WARNER BROTHERS
  • Big Grams - ‘Lights On’ - EPIC RECORDS
  • Bob Moses - ‘Keeping Me Alive’ - DOMINO
  • Glass Animals - ‘Gooey Rework’
  • Kate Tempest - ‘The Heist’ - BIG DADA

  • M.I.A. - ‘Boarders’ - INTERSCOPE
  • Lizzo - ‘Jang A Lang’ - BGSW
  • Kate Tempest - ‘Lonely Daze’ - BIG DADA
  • Miike Snow - ‘Genghis Khan’ (Empress Of) - ATLANTIC RECORDS
  • DJ Katch ft Greg Nice & DJ Kool - ‘The Horns’ - WE PLAY