Summer Camp 2016 Year Book T-shirts

fans & bands autographs converge

August 16, 2016

What a massive year for Summer Camp! It was my third, and they keep getting bigger and better. It’s a time to celebrate music, and we’re fortunate that we have this phenomenal radio station to make that happen. But it wouldn’t happen without all of you who listen every day and come out to see your favorite bands. 

This year I decided to do something different and get as many autographs as I could from the crowd. For the most part, it went as expected. Everyone harnessed their best sharpie-on-cotton drawing skills and impeccable penmanship. 

There were other moments I didn’t anticipate, like having seven people pulling your shirt in different directions while grabbing Sharpies from my pocket as I did my best to hold still. And I don’t think any of the Camp Counselors waiting in line for autographs from Young The Giant expected to be signing autographs of their own. 

At one point I decided to get the bands on it as well. We’ll encourage them to keep their day jobs as musicians and forget about considering a career path as illustrators. 

Thanks to everyone who chatted with me, signed and drew on my shirts. and H.A.G.S!!

- Zach

Summer Camp Bands:

I don't know what a X-mas unicorn is, but Barns Courtney may have inspired a new holiday horror film.

The Briggs sisters hooked it up.


Mr Big Data was hesitant but I told him it's OK if it looks like a 4 yr old drew it.


Awolnation contributed some scribbles, at least I think that’s them…

Josh from Chef'Special butchered their logo quickly before the other band members could say anything about it. 

I was lucky to snag Dylan from Kongos to doodle their logo.

Kris Orlowski drew this marvelous soccer ball in less than 2.7 seconds.


Miiike Sniiiw taking going nuts with the "i's" to new levels. 

Miro from Tangerine drew a nipple, then a sea shell pastie to cover it up.

I've never seen a Wombat, so I'll have to trust those scousers on this.


I think Young The Giant has done this before.

The Crowd:

Brenda and Mayra were the first to sign. 

Here is a nice birdy and a heart.

Making full use of the multi-color Sharpie pack.

I kept getting comments on how cute this Dino was. It's a rendition of Gregr's dinosaur, drawn by an adult. 

H.A.G.S! Did you ever write this in a yearbook? We actually wrote out 'Have A Great Summer.'

Motley Zoo was in the house!

To my surprise, this was as close as it got to inappropriate. It was written by our Chocolate To END All Chocolates ice cream.

Subtronic loves you, Alex!

4 life.

If at any point is was, Summer Camp made up for it.

Get down on it.

Tytin thinks I'm awesome, so on day 2 I found him to draw a Hawks masterpiece. 

What is up, dog?

And if ever you question whether or not Summer Camp is magical, just look at these unicorns.


And this was written about 17 million times. 

- - - - - -

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