VINYL DIG: Acen - 'Window in the Sky' - PRODUCTION HOUSE

This is a 45 that I play on 33

July 28, 2016

Record: Acen ‘Window in the Sky'

Year: 1993

Track: Window in the Sky (Monolythikmaniak) 45 played on 33

Why do I have this record?

One of the dirtiest break beats ever. Grimy and noisy. Careful though, this is a 45 that I played on 33 which made it even darker. 

How was it originally received?

I rarely played this, it was just too gnarly.

Has it stood the test of time?

Who knows. According to Hardcore enthusiasts it’s a crate staple. It held some chart positions in the UK at the time of it’s release. But I don’t know anybody else that slowed it down. I could see dropping it in a set and people flipping out today though. 

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