VINYL DIG: Dark Globe 'Take Me To The Sound' HARD HANDS

Profound dark breakbeats

July 13, 2016

Record: Dark Globe - ‘Take Me To The Sound'

Year: 1996

Track: Take Me To The Sound

Why do I have this record?

Because everything Hard Hands released in this era was wicked. Another one of those labels that didn’t require listening before purchase. 

How was it originally received?

It scared people off the floor in most settings, but sounded glorious on a mixtape.

Has it stood the test of time?

I played it in an all vinyl set last year at Bumbershoot opening for Bassnectar. Kids were shazaming it to no avail, and his manager kicked me off the decks. Something to be said for timeless, compelling composition and production. You can also buy it on Beatport so all in all I'd say it's relevant. 

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