VINYL DIG: David Morley 'The Shuttle EP' R&S RECORDS

Profound grooves from Belgium on 'The Horsey Label'

May 11, 2016

Every week, I dig through my record collection. Sometimes it's to discover long forgotten gems or B-sides. Other times it's to clean house and lighten the load. Here's what surfaced from the stack this week:

Record: David Morley The Shuttle EP

Year: 1993

Favorite track: "Phased Out," but I couldn't find a recording online so you get to hear my second favorite, "The First Floor"

Why do I have this record?

It was given to me by a good friend sometime around '95. R&S Records out of Belgium, often referred to as 'The Horsey Label,' was one of those rare cases where you could buy any record they released without listening becuase it was guaranteed to be the cut. 

How was this record originally received?

David Morley tracks ooze with synth texture. This one is perfect for the ambient room, sunrise at out door parties, and after hours. I wouldn’t exactly call it a prime-time club belter, but I’ve seen clubs go off when I least expect it so what do I know. 

Has it stood the test of time?

I played it last year at Bumbershoot and kids were shazaming it to no avail so, yeah. So it goes with timeless work and sounds.