VINYL DIG: Gus Gus - Standard Stuff For Drama - 4AD

Remixes and extra tracks from Polydistortion

May 26, 2016

Every week, I dig through my record collection. Sometimes it's to discover long forgotten gems or B-sides. Other times it's to clean house and lighten the load. Here's what surfaced from the stack this week:

Record: Gus Gus - Standard Stuff For Drama - 4AD

Year: 1997

Favorite Track: Believe (16B Remix)

Why do I have this record?

Gus Gus were always one of my favorite bands on the Electronica side of things. And 4AD is a trusted label to release only quality music. 

How was this record originally received?

Not exactly one to set the dance floor off, more of an album to play through and chill out. The tracks also sit well on a mix tape. 

Has it stood the test of time?

Still sounds timeless and fresh, every 4AD release from this time period has stood the test of time.

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