VINYL DIG: Live At The Brain

Ramjac 'Massif'

April 1, 2016

This week I dug deep for this old Braniak Records compilation 'Live At The Brain', inspired by the release of Tiga's new album No Fantasy Required.

If anybody who’s into popular music wants to discover Electronic music, I’d turn them onto this. By 'popular' I don't mean 'Pop', but music of any genre that is recorded, produced and released with the intention of being commercially viable. Tiga has a gift to produce music with mass appeal, yet maintain the integrity of sounding underground. He’s making solid Techno and House that impacts the festival and mainstream club scene alike. And while most vocals in Dance music sound trendy and contrived, what you hear here sounds timeless. Making it easy for aficionados of vocal driven music to enjoy his work, and keeping the 'can you play something with vocals' club girls at bay. 

As far as I know, any commercial success he’s had has been unaccompanied by the usual old school fan base griping and moaning about how he’s ‘sold out’, as is the case with most fans when their favorite artist sells more than 100 records. He’ll be one of a handful of survivors when the festival bubble bursts, and DJ worship comes to an end. 

Now what does this have to do with this week’s dig? Nothing really, except one of the tracks on his new album caught my ear, and reminded me of a rave classic. The vocal hook on Planet E.

Take a listen to the vocal hook on Tiga's 'Planet E'.

Now listen to the vocal sample on Ramjac's 'Massif'.

I was fortunate to get this on the double pack Braniak compilation since the original was already out of print. A rave classic! But I can't for the life of me figure out where Ramjac sampled that vocal. It sounds like it came from KC Flightt's 'Planet E', listen:

Only I can't find that passage anywhere on any of the mixes. Perhaps Ramjac got the original vocal track and used some material that never made the KC Flightt record? 

But relentlessly digging around for it yielded what must have been more inspiration for Tiga’s latest. Although subtle, it’s too coincidental to be otherwise, check this out:

Listen to the rhythmic figure on this KC Flightt Planet E remix.

Now listen to Tiga's 'Planet E' from the top:

Clearly Tiga is not new to this craft, and has a deep history as an electronic musicologist and producer. But just for fun, while we're at it let’s go even further down the rabbit hole…

Here’s the beat that was sampled for the KC record:

Which of course was sampled from this James Brown song recorded by Bobby Byrd in 1972:

So, there you have it. If you manage to find the orginal vocal of Ramjac's 'Planet E' send it my way.