VINYL DIG: Sandals 'Rite To Silence' London Records

A rediscovery packed with gems

April 6, 2016

Back in the day at a rave party somewhere in Seattle, probably NAF, I heard DJ Spun play a cut that set the place on fire (like everything he played from that era).

But this vocal really stood out and after a few days of relentless sleuthing I had a copy of Sandals ‘Feet’. Only it wasn’t the Spun cut, it was the original from their double pack Rite To Silence.

What a disappointment. A few days later I had the Dust Brothers Remix I was looking for. It’s important to note that it wasn’t the Dust Brothers who produced Beck’s record and tracks for Fight Club. The ‘Feet’ Dust Brothers remix was done by The Chemical Brothers before changing their name.

They both have a very similar sound so it’s often difficult to figure out if early Dust Brothers tracks are the original Dust Brothers or The Chemical Brothers, but that’s a story for another day.

So the Dust Brothers remix found a home in my A-crate at my house and the original album went into a long-forgotten box of records. That is until recently when I was digging around for some sounds that would suit a lounge gig. 

Flipping past the Feet Remix EP reminded me of the original and I dug it out for a listen. Not only is ‘Feet' brilliant, but so is the entire album. It’s become one of my favorite records of all time. I’ll put it on for any occasion and people always want to know what it is. The grooves are timeless, but the production is very ’90’s. That’s why so everybody thinks it could be new. In case you haven’t noticed, the 90’s sound is on the rise. 

You'll also notice that this record was blacked out when I got it. This is what we used to do back in the day to keep nosey DJ's from knowing what we play. I have other records that came to me completely blacked out and to this day have no idea who they are.

Here are a few cuts from ‘Rite To Silence’. They aren't easy to dig up online.