Complete with sharpied out info and art work

April 13, 2016

Record: Sem (Damon Baxter aka Deadly Avenger) - 'Phox' - ELECTRON INDUSTRIES
Year: 1995

Why do I have this record?

For me this record defines Breakbeat Electro, the style that kept me interested in DJing. I bought it at one of the Dance record stores scattered around Seattle at the time: Hyperspace, Nomad, Beats International, or maybe Platinum... I was really into everything Octagon Man aka J. Saul Kane at the time, and Electron Industries was his label. He was executive producer on this and released a lot of Damon Baxtor's early records. Anything J. Saul Kane touched turned to dark electro driven techno Breakbeat gold. You didn't even have to listen to a record if you knew he was involved, you could buy it, go straight to the party, drop it into your set for the first listen, and well, hopefully not scare everyone off the floor. 

How was this record originally received?

Breakbeat DJs loved this record and were reluctant to share knowledge of such belters, hence the sharpie I took to it immediately. On the dance floor? Hit or miss. It had to be the right time and place. It could easily scare the House heads off the floor if you weren't careful, but B-boys loved it. 

Where are they now?

Damon Baxtor has managed to keep a pretty low profile, mostly composing music for movie trailers and TV. The most current news about him I could find was this interview from 2012. He hasn't tweeted since 2013, and his last fb post was 6 months ago. He's industry deep and probably loving the paid gigs under the radar. Although you hear his work more often then you realize like on this trailer for Men In Black. His music starts at 1:50