VINYL DIG: Silver Bullet - '20 Seconds To Comply' - TAM TAM

Britcore Hip Hop breakbeat instrumental, or the rap version these days

July 20, 2016

Record: Silver Bullet - ’20 Seconds To Comply’ - TAM TAM

Year: 1989

Track: 20 Seconds To Comply (The Omen Mix)

Why do I have this record? It was on the wall at Brian Lyons shop Beats International on Capitol Hill for $20 ($40?). It was 1995 and I was shopping for belters that not everybody had. 

How was it originally received? Not really sure, It was already 6 years old when I heard it for the first time. 

Has it stood the test of time? It sounds pretty dated. On the rare ocasion I play it, I play the rap version just for fun and it goes over pretty well.   

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