VINYL DIG: Symbiosis - 'Sensory / Of The Mind Of The Spirit' - SUNBURN

Talk about 90's West Coast rave nostalgia

August 25, 2016

Every week, I dig through my record collection. Sometimes it's to discover long forgotten gems or B-sides. Other times it's to clean house and lighten the load. Here's what surfaced from the stack this week:

Record: Symbiosis - Sensory / Of The Mind Of The Spirit - SUNBURN

Year: 1996

Track: Of The Mind Of The Spirit

Why do I have this record?

Just listen to it. The musical direction, composition, and sounds… right up to and beyond the acid creature bridge is all astounding. 

How was it originally received?

Profound and deep. It must have done well because Hardkiss also released it as a double pack with remixes the same year. 

Has it stood the test of time?

Perhaps I’ll throw it on at Bumbershoot and we’ll let the crowd decide. 

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