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The Regrettes Break Down New Song, "I Dare You"

Supported by The Regrettes are a four-piece female-fronted punk rock band from Los Angeles and they have become one of my favorite bands to emerge this year! Their sophomore album, How Do You Love? came out a month ago and it's been my jam, I'm pumped to see them live at Deck the... Read More

Discover & Download - The Federal Empire

THE FEDERAL EMPIRE formed when Chad Wolf (former frontman of multi-platinum–selling band Carolina Liar), and Grammy nominated songwriter, McKay Stevens, were hired to write songs for other bands and decided the pairing was too magical not to keep some for their own project. "Honestly it was never... Read More

New Music Discovery: Foals, Barns Courtney, Alex Lahey + more!

New Music Discovery is what we do and we love sharing it with you! Here are a handful of songs that me and new guy, Walt are digging, take a listen: Alyssa says: Barns Courtney - Hollow - Barns is back! I've been a fan since he rocked it at Summer Camp years ago and today, he dropped his brand new... Read More

Chong The Nomad Collaborates With... An Airplane?

If you want to know what the future of music production looks like, just look at Alda Agustiano, who you might know better as Chong The Nomad . I mean, who else looks at an airplane and says, "yeah, I could make a song out of that thing"? See Chong The Nomad at Deck The Hall Ball this December! But... Read More
Yellowstone National Park

I Drove Through Yellowstone and We MUST Go Back!

Supported by I spent my Labor Day Weekend driving a car from Albuquerque, NM, to Snohomish, WA. Google Maps suggested a route through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Washington to get home, but I noticed that Yellowstone National Park sat (atop a supervolcano) just a few hours detour west... Read More

Discover & Download - Tones and I

Originally from Australia’s Mornington Peninsula, Tones And I journeyed to Byron Bay in early 2018 to take a chance at busking. On the first day she had crowds spilling onto the street. Tones quit her retail job and decided to make Byron her new home where she lived out of her van for the year... Read More

Chong The Nomad

2018 was a big year for Seattle artist Chong The Nomad. The music was so good and the skill level was so obviously high that is it was easy to predict that 2019 would be an even bigger year. Video of Two Colors From performing with local legends Death Cab For Cutie and Odesza, colaborating with the... Read More

Travis Manion Foundation Veteran of the Week 9/9

At the Travis Manion Foundation, character is key. TMF stresses the importance of uniting together, while striving to be the best versions of both ourselves and our communities. Travis Manion exemplified true leadership and heroism when he was killed by an enemy sniper in April of 2007. Tragedy may... Read More

Interview: Get to Know the New Guy, Walt!

Supported by Wondering who that new voice is on your drive home from 3pm-7pm everyday? It's the new guy, Walt and he's had quite the music industry experience! He's worked on both sides of radio and is in a band that played Deck the Hall Ball on the same bill as Presidents of The... Read More