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Travis Manion Foundation Veteran of the Week 11/4

At the Travis Manion Foundation, character is key. TMF stresses the importance of uniting together, while striving to be the best versions of both ourselves and our communities. Travis Manion exemplified true leadership and heroism when he was killed by an enemy sniper in April of 2007. Tragedy may... Read More

Discover & Download - Saint Motel

Elektra recording group Saint Motel have released “THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK: PART 1,” the first of a three-part album to be released over the coming months! Conceptually, “THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK” is modeled after a three-act movie, sometimes referred to as the “Hero’s... Read More

Ben Zaidi

Earlier this year local artist Ben Zaidi released his latest album Abandonism. He teamed up with Seattle producer Budo and together they made something pretty amazing. Abandonism was so good that Ben Zaidi even made a short film of the same name to go along with it then that short film won best... Read More

Covers of 2019-ish

2019 has been a big year for cover songs and I'm all about it! My favorite on the radio right now is the Meg Myers cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill". Meg stays true to the original adding a little of her own flair and honestly, these are my favorite kind of covers. The Interrupters cover... Read More

Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, Life Gets Darker...

After some adorable trick or treating last night, we sat around the table and Daylight Saving Time came up. This weekend, we set our clocks back an hour - fall back - and life gets way more depressing. Starting next week, most people will both drive to work in the dark and drive home in it as well... Read More

Halloween Is So Fun With a Kid

Once upon a time, my boy, Space Baby, was playing with his cars on the ground when we observed him saying "Lewis Hattleman (sic) and Maxverstappen (all one word) go wheel to wheel!" He certainly had absorbed the Formula 1 racing that his parents put on every couple of weekends. When it came time... Read More

Ten Years of Skating Polly

If you’ve ever seen Skating Polly live or listened to their music it is very possible that you thought to yourself “wow, this band is going places.” That is a completely reasonable thought because Skating Polly is a very good band. You’d sort of be wrong though. Skating Polly isn’t just going... Read More

Locals Only Playlist: October 27th with Sylvi

We got to enjoy a bunch of new music premiers on Locals Only this week. Everett artist Sarah Feinberg came by to talk about her new project Sylvi. Locals Only fans probably know Sarah for her work in local bands Tellers and I Will Keep Your Ghost. On Sylvi she wanted to get back to her roots a bit... Read More