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Juggalos - the secret to evading facial recognition software...

As computers get smarter and creeps get creepier, our privacy continues to shrink. The secret to evading most facial recognition software: paint your face like a Juggalo. Insane Clown Posse makeup confuses the software responsible for most facial recognition software. Typically these creepy... Read More

Discover & Download - Morgxn

The reason indie pop-soul singer morgxn left his Nashville-home for Los Angeles was to find “space to think, breathe, and be with myself,” he explains. Within weeks of the move, he had a fateful encounter. An acquaintance invited him to a music party and asked, “‘Do you want to meet Stevie Nicks... Read More

Bottle Cap Challenge Is Def How You Pull a Hammy

So this boss of an MMA dude, Max Holloway, pulled off this incredible spinning back kick with a twist - he precisely hits this loosened bottle cap and makes it spin right open. Be curious my friends! #challengeaccepted #bottlecapchallenge Passing this on to our guy @JohnMayer …. hey John if you can... Read More

I put earplugs to the test for July 4th

I used earplugs to sleep through the fireworks last night and I'll never not use them again. Whilst our neighbors were busy proving their freedumb in the houses around us, I was not willing to once again be subjected to this garbage. We might normally get along, but if you're the person doing this... Read More

Locals Only Playlist: June 30th with Kevin Sur

It's always good times when Kevin Sur comes by Locals Only to talk about the latest project his team is working on. Kevin Sur is at the helm of Artist Home Booking which produces events such as Timber! Outdoor Music Festival which will be taking place July 11th through 13th at Tolt McDonald Park in... Read More

5 'Star-Spangled Banner' Performances to Salute on July 4

It’s one of the most nerve-wracking performances an artist can prepare for. Will they remember the words? Will they hit the right notes? Should they take a chance, or play it straight? We’ll talking about the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The national anthem kicks off just about every sporting event in... Read More
Chowder Hates Fireworks

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe July 4th Weekend!

Fourth of July is this week and I’m going to drink a beer for every year America has celebrated freedom. Someone just reminded me that means 242 bees: I'm gonna need Friday off... Well, to celebrate America being at war for 2225 of our 242 years, I’ll just blow a bunch of stuff up with colorful... Read More
Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 performs

Blink-182 Shares 'Happy Days' on 182nd Day of the Year

It’s the 182nd day of the year, which makes it the perfect time for a certain band from Southern California to drop the latest taste of their upcoming new album. In honor of Blink-182 day, the band has gifted us with “Happy Days,” a song that yearns for a better reality with Mark Hoppus on vocals... Read More
Eddie Vedder performs live at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival

Eddie Vedder Delivers Poignant Cover of Chris Cornell's 'Seasons'

Eddie Vedder paid tribute to his late great friend Chris Cornell during a solo performance in Germany over the weekend. The Pearl Jam frontman covered “Seasons” for the first time – the song Cornell wrote for the Singles soundtrack. The cover was meaningful in more ways than one. Vedder noted to... Read More

Discover & Download - Local Natives

Face-to-face songwriting and musical interplay put to tape: the classic studio setting is juxtaposed on Local Natives’ fourth full-length, Violet Street with modern production and visuals to form a timeless album. The band’s signature soaring 3-part harmonies are augmented by loops of tape,... Read More