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Do Not Try At Home

Watch This Dude Use a Homemade Flamethrower to Prove Masks Work

Enough with your anti-mask b******t already. Let this man who loves living life dangerously show you a pretty unsafe example of how masks can help stop the spread of coronavirus. Video of Do Masks Work Or Not?? Proving Whether Masks Stop Covid-19 Transmission with Uncle Rob I have no idea what the... Read More
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

Watch This Airplane That Carries Airplanes Unload in Everett

Boeing flies this massive airplane in and out of Paine Field all the time. It's a small airport in terms of traffic, but massive in terms of this giant bird. The converted 747 looks like a hotdog left on the grill too long and bubbled up, but it's overinflation serves to carry assembled pieces of... Read More
Feed the duck

Watch these ducks annihilate this healthy snack

Once a year or so, a story about the Canal and River Trust pops back up and circulates the internet reminding you avoid feeding bits of bread to the ducks in you local waters. Bread is bad for their little duck butts and is effectively junk food. Instead, ditch the crackers and feed these sweet... Read More
Discover & Download - Juice WRLD

Discover & Download - Juice WRLD

Grade A Productions/Interscope Records artist Juice WRLD’s powerful legacy reverberated around the world with the release of Legends Never Die which has debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with the biggest week of 2020 earning 497,000 in sales eclipsing The Weeknd’s After Hours. Legends Never... Read More

Ok, 2020 is really weird!

Still not sure what the point of a 60 ft. Gundam robot is but... this is 2020! The Gundam factory in Yokohama Japan is a little closer to this 60 foot, 15 ton robot taking it's first steps in October. What could possibly go wrong. -wALT Read More
New Music Discovery

New Music Discovery: Barns Courtney, Morgxn, Beabadoobee + More

Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment in West Seattle, but I'm getting a bit restless looking at the same walls all day everyday. Dance parties with the doggos, breathing exercises and new music discovery have been helping me big time during this pandemic life! And hey, I feel very fortunate to... Read More
Seattle Kracken

Welcome to the PNW, Seattle Kraken

The 32nd NHL franchise has come to life. Welcome to the Puget Sound, the Seattle Kraken ! A logo dressed in blues dark and light with a hint of red, their style fits right in at the Seattle Center. A legend from the deep awakens. Meet the Seattle Kraken → Read More
Washington Coastline

Found the Best Place to Photograph that Comet

Comet Neowise travels at 144,000 mph and for whatever scientific reason, we get a chance to see it in the dusk-to-twilight skies on the horizon in Washington for a week as it buzzes by our sun. Awesome. For two months of the year, I go to bed before its dark and wakeup as the daylight breaks - the... Read More
Discover & Download - Dominic Fike

Discover & Download - Dominic Fike

On the heels of his recent single "Chicken Tenders," Florida-native Dominic Fike returns to announce his highly-anticipated debut album. What Could Possibly Go Wrong is out July 31st via Columbia Records. The album was initially delayed in light of the protests that have spread across America,... Read More