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The office

What if The Office had to do Zoom calls?

Maybe you're like me. I hadn't even heard of Zoom before March of this year, now it's a daily occurrence. So the folks at Cozi TV pieced together what a Zoom call would be like with the characters from The Office . It's pretty on point... some of them get it, others have technical difficulties..... Read More
Snohomish Farmers Market

I Went to a Farmers Market, Here's What I Found

In a world full of cv-19 fear, nothing quite feels right this spring. Cooped up inside for the last two months we're gonna have a weird blemish looking back at this time in life. Like a tree who survived something crazy, one of our age rings will stand out from amongst the rest. Leave it to a bit... Read More
Almost Famous

Almost Famous Cast and Crew Reunite for 20th Anniversary

It's all happening! I swear watching my all time favorite movie several times during this quarantine has conjured up this stellar news! Ok, and maybe it's the fact that this iconic film for the ages is celebrating its 20th anniversary.. whatever the reason, the band (and band-aids) are back... Read More
Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson Performs Songs at Home for Seattle Fans

Supported by Elysian Brewing Company Just like the rest of us, Matt Maeson has been staying home and most likely getting restless. Lucky for us, he put his free time to use and decided to record a couple songs in his home. Much like him crashing Summer Camp last year, Matt Maeson is now crashing... Read More
restaurant social distancing

Restaurants will need your info to dine in

Governor Inslee laid out a list of guidelines for restaurants to reopen in Phase 2 of the state's plan. Here are the bullet points: 1. Restaurants will operate at 50% capacity 2. No more than 5 people at a table 3. No bar seating 4. Single use/ disposable menus 5. (Here's the big one) Restaurants... Read More
Xfinity voice remote

There's a new way to listen to The End

Xfinity X1 features the RADIO.COM app and you can stream The End from your tv! Just grab your voice remote, push the microphone button and tell it "play" to launch the app and get streaming. Here's some step by step directions in case you wanna have a talking clown walk you through it! A... Read More
Jay Buhner

There's a sweet reason Jay Buhner trended today.

Jay Buhner was trending this morning for the sweetest reason. It's not because he had died - good god, why is it everytime someone's trending now, my first thought is "oh no...?" The Mariners legend and guy who wants you to buy trucks, trucks, and more trucks, found his name on the Twitter trends... Read More
Cheap Cuts

Discover & Download - Cheap Cuts

With the ethos of the pop art movement, Cheap Cuts are an electronic, shapeshifting, concept led, rolling creative project harking back to the big-beat genre. Cheap Cuts are comprised of multi-platinum selling writer, producer Jonny Harris and critically acclaimed writer, producer, composer and... Read More